How to discover a website IP address, if public DNS cannot resolve it


I wanted to download some stuff from a web site, but the links were like u.to/xxxxxx .
u.to is an URL shortener which was available several months ago, and now I get:

I thought that the website u.to is still up, only DNS servers do not resolve it, because it has to be down for some reason. I also tried "Looking glass" websites to resolve the address, but they were of no use. The problem was not in my DNS, but global.

So the problem was - I had to find the IP address.

1 Step

Gather some more information for u.to using a whois service like www.whois.com
Here is what I got:

Obviously not much information. However you can see both primary DNS servers which were obliged to resolve u.to to its IP address.
ns2.uid.me & ns1.uid.me

2 Step

So I decided to ask them for the IP address using a website like http://www.kloth.net/services/nslookup.php
Here is the result:

The IP address was

3 Step

So lets hope the site is still working on this IP address.
I added it to my hosts file in "C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts"
(you need Administrator rights to do that!)

4 Step

Magic: the u.to/xxxxxx links work!!!

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