My Lenovo A1000 review/impressions

This blog is about my Lenovo A1000. I was using a simple Nokia X1-01 phone for several years, although I am an IT guy, I don't like smartphones. They are tablets with a phone function.
Anyway I was forced to have one, and decided to go for a cheap model like A1000.
Here are my observations:

Bad sides:

1. No Android updates for this phone, only security updates, the last one being - July 2016 - looks like Lenovo abandoned this model.

2. The phone deletes my speed dial buttons every 2 days - that is really annoying, I don't restart it, I don't do anything unusual.....

3. The phone application hangs sometimes

4. The phone app often shows "Unknown" in the Recents list, for well known numbers

5. GPS does not work at all - gives bad location, and looses signal every few seconds. As I could see others have this problem too.

6. 8GB Rom is not so much, but sometimes when I have ~2GB free, I get error that I don't have enough space. Putting 16GB sd card fixed this issue. I moved some stuff there.

7. This model is NOT available on the Lenovo mobile support web site. Stunning!

8. Sometimes shuts down with no reason

9. Very often does not turn on when you click the button, but when you click for the second time - blinks

10. When you put some icons in a group, it extracts some of them from the group after restart

11. Often if you use timer, when the time is up, you cannot remove its' icon from the top. There is a permenent message that the time is up.

12. Today the alarm for 6:00 AM rang at 7:30 AM for no reason.

Good sides:

1. For this money the CPU is quite responsive.

All in all - really bad choice!

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