Installing HP LaserJet 1000 & HP Scanjet 3500c on Windows 10


An old computer in a company with Windows XP, using HP LaserJet 1000 & HP Scanjet 3500c and people used to working with HP Director. I had to install a new machine with Windows 10, but somehow keeping the old stuff working.....


Well I searched the internet quite a lot, and found people fighting with the same issues. That is why I will explain briefly about every part:

HP LaserJet 1000

I start with this device, because it is very important to state : It CANNOT run without Virtual Systems on 64bit Windows 10 ! So you have to install 32bit Windows! In my case - very bad idea, because I had 8GB RAM, and was able to use only 3.17 of them (perhaps I can try PAE patch)!!!
If somebody is able to make it work on Windows 10 64bit - leave a comment, please.

Actually if you do that - miracle - the 32bit Drivers for Windows XP work!

You can download them from the official site: CLICK HERE
Or from me (ZIP): HERE

*In some cases you have to disable driver signature enforcement - explained HERE

HP ScanJet 3500c

It appears this scanner works with all Windows 7, 8, 10 both 32 and 64 bit versions. You just have to search for appropriate drivers online, because Windows does not have any.

These worked fine with me (both 32bit and 64bit): ScanJet3500_x86_x64.zip

I have one more file with 64bit only, which is also tested, if this is not OK on 64bit systems, I will publish the other one too. You can also find it yourself online by the unique name ef8565e9a42aac8cdf29cfdeefdec096.zip .

In my case, Windows 10 removed the driver after the first update, but I put it back, and it works again.

The problem is all buttons do the same - open a simple scan dialog, not very user friendly, which tries to put scanned files everywhere.....

HP Director

I spent some time trying different programs, to replace HP Director, which was user friendly, and my friends used to work with. I could not make it work.

Very cute freeware program, that is able to scan and send mails. Also works in many different languages. Yes You can't use the buttons on the scanner, but it just does the trick!

Some more info about HP Scanning:
HERE , but HP Scan Extended works only with new scanners