The Golden Apple

Again, I want to share something apart from all the technical mambo-jambo on my Blog. Since my childhood I am a big fan of fairy tales and animations. I never lost interest, although I don't have much time to watch everything that I want.

A few young professionals in my country are working on a project called "The Golden Apple". Animated series inspired by the stories and creatures from the Bolkans. Endless resource! Watch the trailer below:

In my opinion it is absolutely AWESOME! I can't wait to see it live. Many people think that it looks like Samurai Jack series, which makes it even more amazing for me, because I am also a fan of the Samurai :) In fact it is quite original and different from everything that I have seen so far.
Good luck for the team!

You can find some more information on their web site:

If you like it, you can support it here:

and keep the child in you :)

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