The Golden Apple

Again, I want to share something apart from all the technical mambo-jambo on my Blog. Since my childhood I am a big fan of fairy tales and animations. I never lost interest, although I don't have much time to watch everything that I want.

A few young professionals in my country are working on a project called "The Golden Apple". Animated series inspired by the stories and creatures from the Bolkans. Endless resource! Watch the trailer below:

In my opinion it is absolutely AWESOME! I can't wait to see it live. Many people think that it looks like Samurai Jack series, which makes it even more amazing for me, because I am also a fan of the Samurai :) In fact it is quite original and different from everything that I have seen so far.
Good luck for the team!

You can find some more information on their web site:

If you like it, you can support it here:

and keep the child in you :)


How to make simple wardrobe LED lights

In this blog I will show you my idea for off the grid wardrobe LED lights.

I wanted to have some light in my wardrobe. However I don't have any electricity there. I can use one of these button push sticky LED, but I don't want to change batteries all the time. If I use NiMH for them, most of the time they will be dim, and in order to charge them, every time I have to dismount and dissasemble the unit.

I use a simple power bank with flat sides and single 18650 battery.
On one side I put some velcro, and on the wardrobe ceiling too!
I am using a USB touch LED board , which you can buy from ebay very cheap.
When you touch it - it switches On/Off. Do not worry that the "Touch me" surface is towards
the wardrobe ceiling. It swiches if touched almost anywhere, including the elements side.
When there is no more power, you just unstick the velcro and put it for charging.

Lets calculate how much shall it last. My bank is 2000mah.

2 * 3.6 = 7.2Wh power

The power consumption of the LED board is 5V @ 150mAh (in my case, measured).

5 * 0.15 = 0.75 w ,  so for 1 hour it needs 0.75wh
7.2 / 0.75 = 9.6 h - So roughly 7-8 hours

I use mine for a month and it is still working. I usually use the light for a few seconds, so the mentioned time is far enough. You can always put a bigger power bank of course.

Watch my video


Some power banks have issues:

1. When you try to turn it off, it comes on again (probably becasue power bank resets power)
2. Due to the low power consumption - 130-150mA some power banks switch power off.