Folder name with a space in the end

One or two times when I downloaded a torrent, it creates a folder with a blank space in the end in its name. At first I thought it is some kind of mistake from the creator of the torrent, but now I think it is done on purpose.
This folder reacts very strange, you cannot rename or delete it. In my last case, I could enter inside, but open only files with short names, without blanks.

The reason for this problem is that the torrent program creates an invalid NTFS entry, following the information in the torrent file. Probably it won't be a big problem on Linux ext3/4.

I found some solutions over the Internet. Many people have fought this.

-=Here is how to delete it:=-

rd "\\?\C:\holds bad subdir\20120530-04 "

-=Here is how to rename it:=-

rename "\\?\c:\PATH HERE\[ ]1[ ]" "NEW FILE NAME"
rename "\\?\c:\PATH HERE\ 1 " "NEW FILE NAME"

-=Some more information from Microsoft (6):=-

-=Some more information from ME:=-
I wanted just to rename it, so I can access my files. I used CMD and in the folder one level up the bad one I used the following command:

dir /x

...which gives the 8.3 compatible aliases of the folder names like this:

Now you can just use the rename command, but instead of full directory name - put the alias, like
rename linksf~1 newname