4GB RAM on Acer Aspire One D270 (AOD270)

4GB RAM on Acer Aspire One D270? -> Small Mistake!

I decided to upgrade my netbook from 2GB to 4GB, without reading too much in the internet.
First you have to look at this link:
- The Intel Atom N2600 processor supports up to 2GB RAM!

When I put the new chip, in the BIOS it was obvious - 4096MB RAM.
But Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit showed 4GB (2.99GB usable). Pictures:

At first I thought it is due to the 32bit architecture, and I used a kernel patch for Windows 7, like I did before. This time it did not work! Even the whole computer acted a little bit slowly.

However it discovers 3GB, which is way better than 2GB. When you put into account that I changed the HDD with SSD (http://fireswordblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/upgrade-hdd-to-ssd-on-acer-aspire-one.html)
I am even able to run virtual machines on this computer. It is responsive enough.

I still haven't found anybody on the internet making it work with 4GB. I also tried Ubuntu 32 and 64, it also sees only 3GB. So it is not a PAE problem. I also must state, that I have the latest drivers and BIOS 1.09 (which are not so new - shame on Acer!!!!).
So it must be some kind of architecture problem, mostly hardware than software.

Please comment if you have found a solution!


Update (23.11.2013) - I updated BIOS to 1.10 - unfortunately no change :(

Update (02.05.2014) -  Thanks to the Anonymous post below, we discover that the remaining 1GB of memory is probably used for video memory. I started DXDIAG - see the results:

However GPUZ thinks that there are only 8MB: