Dim Desktop problem on Acer Aspire One D270


The problem with my AOD270 is when you try to install or start a program, on which Windows 7 reacts as a potentially unsafe - dims screen, you get a black screen! You can notice the backlight shining, but there is nothing on the screen. The computer works, but the screen not!

The only thing I could do is to close the lid, to make it sleep. After that open and wake it, then the screen is OK.


No good solution for now, only a workaround. Go to Control Panel / User Accounts / User Accounts
and press "Change user Account Control Settings":

You have to switch to the less secure option with "do not dim my desktop".

My proposals are that this problem is related to one of the following,
1. Bad drivers, video chipset
2. Bad BIOS
3. May be worng Windows 7 power profile.

Please share some ideas or solutions in the comments below


Monitor FS Primergy R600 S4 hard disks

I have a FS Primergy R600 S4 with RHEL 5.3 on it.
It seems it has:
LSI1078 PCI-e SAS RAID controller with 512MB cache memory,
Description: LSI MegaRAID SAS 8708ELP

/I still don't get which is which/

I tried mpt-status, and followed this guy:

but finally I got :
octl: No such device


I found  MegaCli-8.07.10-1.noarch.rpm from

you can install it witch command:
rpm -ivh MegaCli-8.07.10-1.noarch.rpm

When you install it, the MegaCli command becomes availabale from

However this command has very complicated syntax. To simplify this, I downloaded a special script lsi.sh from: https://calomel.org/megacli_lsi_commands.html
Special thanks to whom created it!!
With its options you can easily check the status of your RAID, or even put it in a cron job.

                OBPG  .:.  lsi.sh $arg1 $arg2
    status        = Status of Virtual drives (volumes)
    drives        = Status of hard drives
    ident \$slot   = Blink light on drive (need slot number)
    good \$slot    = Simply makes the slot \"Unconfigured(good)\" (need slot number)
    replace \$slot = Replace \"Unconfigured(bad)\" drive (need slot number)
    progress      = Status of drive rebuild
    errors        = Show drive errors which are non-zero
    bat           = Battery health and capacity
    batrelearn    = Force BBU re-learn cycle
    logs          = Print card logs
    checkNemail   = Check volume(s) and send email on raid errors
    allinfo       = Print out all settings and information about the card
    settime       = Set the raid card's time to the current system time
    setdefaults   = Set preferred default settings for new raid setup

You need to set

# Full path to the MegaRaid CLI binary

to tell the script where is your MegaCli.
You may also need to set enclosure.