1080p video on Acer Aspire One D270 (AOD270)

After successfully installing the Bluetooth on the AOD270, I decided to run some tests. People on internet and Acer claim that N2600 Atom can run 1080p video !?

Decided to give it a try with one 720p and one 1080p.
I used VLC player and MPC-HC because they both support GPU decoding.

In my case VLC (2.0.3) with enabled GPU acceleration, did not manage to play 1080p.
There is no problem with 720p however. It seems it does not support GMA 3600.

On the other hand the latest version of MPC-HC played 1080p really smoothly!
I am really surprised, there is no lag.

Flash Video
I prefer Google Chrome as a browser, it has something like built-in flash player.
But when you play youtube videos, in the video info i get
"software video rendering"
"software video decoding"

And when you try 720p or 1080p it is NOT OK!

It seems the only way I could solve that is to install separately flash player!
Then by chrome://plugins I disable the built-in plugin, and enable the installed one.

Now even 1080p flash is perfect.

Hope it will help somebody....


VLC 2.0.4 - still not ok
VLC 2.0.5 - still not ok
VLC 2.0.6 - still not ok
VLC 2.0.7 - still not ok
VLC 2.0.8 - still not ok
VLC 2.1.0 - still not ok (both automatic and DXVA)
VLC 3.0.1 - OK (I am very surprised, I gave up and didn't test with some versions...)
*I'm testing with a 1080p .mkv movie