Bluetooth is not visible to Windows 7 Ultimate on Acer Aspire One D270 (AOD270)

Hi All,

Let me tell you the story of my new Acer AOD270. A Great machine - 2GB RAM and Atom N2600 - Windows 7 Ultimate runs really good.
I installed all the drivers I could from here

BUT there was NO bluetooth in windows 7 device manager ! Both Broadcom and Atheros drivers failed to install because they did not find bluetooth device.
I also tried
program to detect vendors. It also showed NO bluetooth, and it said that I should turn it On - so the program can detect it - !@? HOW?

The other interesting thing is Fn+F3 did not work at all. All other FN combinations were working fine but this.

I started to doubt if there is a bluetooth device at all.
Booted Ubuntu Linux - it detected the device so I calmed down, and go on working with Windows.


You must go http://support.acer.com/ca/en/product/default.aspx?modelId=4040 Applications, and install LaunchManager Application. Don't expect a trayicon, at first I thought it is not working.
Now every Fn key combination is shown on screen and Fn+F3 worked!!
I turned on the Bluetooth from there - and Windows discovered a new hardware and installed it. It was there  all the time you stupid. Now even if I turn it Off it stays in the device manager.


I tried to attach/pair a device - it was searching but not detecting anything!?
I run HWVendorDetection - it found that the Bluetooth is Broadcom.
So I tried the Broadcom driver - it says there is no Bluetooth!? No matter On/Off it is!
I tried Atheros driver and it worked !?

-=Update 15.06.2013=-
I noticed some time ago that there are 2 small, sqare, transparent stickers on the back of the netbook.
It is very easy to miss them. They contain information about the WiFi & Bluetooth vendors...

-=End of Update

The really interesting thing was 177MB software took a long time to install, BUT all it has done was creating a shortcut to Windows Standard Bluetooth tools in the Start Menu !!!???

Weird ACER