DOTA 2 Phantom Lancer's "Sun Guardian Set"

Hi all,

My friends have created a new shiny set for the DOTA 2 Phantom Lancer.
It is called "The Sun Guardian Set". It is really amazing.
Check this cool stuff here:


Vote for it if you like it :)

Check out also this awesome demo:


1080p video on Acer Aspire One D270 (AOD270)

After successfully installing the Bluetooth on the AOD270, I decided to run some tests. People on internet and Acer claim that N2600 Atom can run 1080p video !?

Decided to give it a try with one 720p and one 1080p.
I used VLC player and MPC-HC because they both support GPU decoding.

In my case VLC (2.0.3) with enabled GPU acceleration, did not manage to play 1080p.
There is no problem with 720p however. It seems it does not support GMA 3600.

On the other hand the latest version of MPC-HC played 1080p really smoothly!
I am really surprised, there is no lag.

Flash Video
I prefer Google Chrome as a browser, it has something like built-in flash player.
But when you play youtube videos, in the video info i get
"software video rendering"
"software video decoding"

And when you try 720p or 1080p it is NOT OK!

It seems the only way I could solve that is to install separately flash player!
Then by chrome://plugins I disable the built-in plugin, and enable the installed one.

Now even 1080p flash is perfect.

Hope it will help somebody....


VLC 2.0.4 - still not ok
VLC 2.0.5 - still not ok
VLC 2.0.6 - still not ok
VLC 2.0.7 - still not ok
VLC 2.0.8 - still not ok
VLC 2.1.0 - still not ok (both automatic and DXVA)
VLC 3.0.1 - OK (I am very surprised, I gave up and didn't test with some versions...)
*I'm testing with a 1080p .mkv movie


Bluetooth is not visible to Windows 7 Ultimate on Acer Aspire One D270 (AOD270)

Hi All,

Let me tell you the story of my new Acer AOD270. A Great machine - 2GB RAM and Atom N2600 - Windows 7 Ultimate runs really good.
I installed all the drivers I could from here

BUT there was NO bluetooth in windows 7 device manager ! Both Broadcom and Atheros drivers failed to install because they did not find bluetooth device.
I also tried
program to detect vendors. It also showed NO bluetooth, and it said that I should turn it On - so the program can detect it - !@? HOW?

The other interesting thing is Fn+F3 did not work at all. All other FN combinations were working fine but this.

I started to doubt if there is a bluetooth device at all.
Booted Ubuntu Linux - it detected the device so I calmed down, and go on working with Windows.


You must go http://support.acer.com/ca/en/product/default.aspx?modelId=4040 Applications, and install LaunchManager Application. Don't expect a trayicon, at first I thought it is not working.
Now every Fn key combination is shown on screen and Fn+F3 worked!!
I turned on the Bluetooth from there - and Windows discovered a new hardware and installed it. It was there  all the time you stupid. Now even if I turn it Off it stays in the device manager.


I tried to attach/pair a device - it was searching but not detecting anything!?
I run HWVendorDetection - it found that the Bluetooth is Broadcom.
So I tried the Broadcom driver - it says there is no Bluetooth!? No matter On/Off it is!
I tried Atheros driver and it worked !?

-=Update 15.06.2013=-
I noticed some time ago that there are 2 small, sqare, transparent stickers on the back of the netbook.
It is very easy to miss them. They contain information about the WiFi & Bluetooth vendors...

-=End of Update

The really interesting thing was 177MB software took a long time to install, BUT all it has done was creating a shortcut to Windows Standard Bluetooth tools in the Start Menu !!!???

Weird ACER


Sony VAIO VGN-SZ71XN/C with WIndows 7?

Got my hands on Sony VAIO VGN-SZ71XN/C with Vista preinstalled. It has very nice T9300 CPU (64bit arch) and 2GB RAM. So I decided to put Windows 7 64bit edition.
I was surprised :(
Actually Sony does not have support for Windows 7, drivers ...
It has only Vaio Update and some useless programs.

Windows 7 seems to detect every piece of hardware, but I found two problems.
It cannot detect the Add-on for SD cards, and works with standart VESA driver for the video card.
I downloaded the nVidia driver from the nVidia web site but it told me there is no
such hardware.....

I decided to try the Vista drivers. But they are all 32bit :(

Finally I installed Windows 7 32-bit and downloaded:
Memory Card Reader Writer Driver       and
Graphics Driver nVidia    
from here:
(Preinstalled Drivers and Utilities)

Now it works!
But its a shame I cannot run Windows 7 normally on such a wonderfull machine,
because Sony dropped it.
Now it runs 1080p with absolutely no problem!


How to make Winamp repeat one song

I am a big fan of winamp. I use it every day for more than 10 years. May be that is why I prefer the classic skin. I was always wondering how to make one song repeat itself. When I searched the web several times, the only solutions I found were:
1. change skin
2. leave that one song alone in the playlist

I don't want to do that!
After a lot of search I found the trick - simply right click the Repeat button - there is an option "Manually Advance Playlist". That means Winamp won't go to the next song until you click some song, and if the Repeat is also ON, the current song will repeat!

May be this option does not present in very old versions - I don't know. I decided to share it because I found it very difficult, and don't even remember where :(

So If you are like me - love to listen one song over and over - Enjoy!


cairo-clock does not work properly on Ubuntu 12.04 entity side bar

My Problem:
When I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 cairo-clock started acting strange. I had an icon on the left side in the bar, but when I click it, it starts a new clock every time, does not switch to it.
I removed the shortcut, but when I start cairo-clock, it continues acting the same way.

I checked these two options in cairo-clock's Properties

I was surprised, because it worked fine in all my previous Ubuntu, after upgrade. So may be the new 12.04 reset these settings, or it just needs them....


osba_ux can't start on RHEL 6 64-bit

The OpenSave linux agent osba_ux cannot start on RHEL 6 64-bit and gives the error:
"lib/ld-linux.so.2: bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory"

It needs 32-bit libraries to run, i.e. glibc-2.12-1.7.el6.i686.rpm

You need two packages:

The key moment is that you have to install them TOGETHER!
rpm -ivh glibc-2.12-1.7.el6.i686.rpm nss-softokn-freebl-3.12.7-1.1.el6.i686.rpm


LibreOffice Basic - 1st Step

Since I am a big fan of VBA, I decided to try a simple code in LibreOffice Basic / StarBasic...
For me it is most important that you can access different cells on the sheet so you can run all your logic on them.
First I filled 4 cells this way:

I want to display the contents of 1 cell of the current sheet with message box. In this table you can compare the few lines of code in both languages.

-VBALibreOffice Basic
1Sub test()Sub test
2Dim oSheet As WorksheetDim oSheet
3Set oSheet = ActiveSheetoSheet = ThisComponent.CurrentController.ActiveSheet
4MsgBox (oSheet.Cells(1, 1))msgbox(oSheet.getCellByPosition(1,1).String)
5End SubEnd Sub


1st line: the same. LibreOffice can run without ()
2nd line: in VBA you specify the type of object. in LOB there is only one type - object. And if you omit the type (i.e. Dim oSheet As Integer) it is object by default (like Variant in VBA).
3rd line: in LOB the object model is different! You don't need SET statement any more, because there is only one object type in LOB! Downwards you will find a link with more info
4th line: msgbox command is similar. Note that Cells(1, 1) returns cell A1, BUT getCellByPosition(1,1).String returns cell B2, it is 0 based !!!
5th line: the same

And here is the result in LOB....

You can find an excellent document comparing VBA and LibreOffice Basic (StarBasic) here:



I released the first version of SC GUI and currently I am working on version 1.1.
The main thing it does - extracts SAR and CAR archives, but you need to supply your own downloaded SAPCAR.exe file! and put it in the same folder.
You can read and follow all details here:

I will post new versions also here, because I am not sure that I can keep my blog in SCN forever.

Disclaimer: This is NOT official SAP software and it is NOT bug free.
This is freeware. Use it on your own risk.

- NO installation needed
- You have to download your own SAPCAR.exe and put it in the same folder as scgui.exe

- Displays the archive contents
- Extracts chosen or all files in the archive file folder (you cannot choose a folder for now)
- Can register .CAR and .SAR extension to open with double click
- Can open a single CAR/SAR file
- It is easy to upgrade - just put the new SAPCAR.exe in the folder

Known problems:
- if you move the scgui.exe file in other folder you have to register the SAR/CAR extensions again
- if SAR/CAR extensions are registered to other windows program, it is possble that
   the "Register.." button will not work. You have to unregister them first (right click / Properties)
- You need administrator rights for "Register.." button (or "Run As administrator" in Windows 7).
- does not display hierarchical structure, just a list of all files and folders

- tested on WinXP 32bit
- tested on Win7 64bit (with both 32 and 64 bit SAPCAR.exe)
- should work on every Win OS as long as your SAPCAR.exe 32/64 works


Upgrade old fluorescent lamp

I have an old circle fluorescent lamp - 36W. I buy a new bulb once in a few years, and it is not expensive. I decided to do an upgrade, because:
- the lamp won't blink (even if out of order)
- instant on - don't have to wait a few blinks before power up
- the electrical parameters supplied by the new ballast are better, thus the
bulb will last longer, and give better stable light
- It costed only 3€ (for the new ballast)

The only difference are the cable connections, because of the different ways
the old and the new ballast work. Here is the old way:

As you can see, the old way includes a starter (S) which heathens the tube's electrodes. When I removed it I discovered that there were no soldering on the back side of the starter socket. You can't expect this to work good! Some info how fluorescent bulbs work can be found here:
and here:

I started searching for a new ballast. You can't use any, and they don't come cheap. I needed a 36W ballast for 1 bulb. I couldn't find the exact one (but you surely will). I found a universal ballast made in Greece !? It stated 20W-40W on it so I decided to give it a try. Notice that some ballasts are designed for circle bulbs like mine. This wasn't - but worked. And it costed only 3 Euro.
Here you can see how it looks like now:
The grey thing you see is the new ballast. I could not remove the old one because it was sealed down to the frame, and I had to remove the whole body. I used up some montage glue and black tape, to fix it for a while , while the glue dries. Now it works perfect and lights up instantly.

Further notices: When you connect the four cables to the lamp (I used the same jack), sometimes it does not work if you change the places of the + and - of the pair. It does not matter which pair goes in which socket. Because it was a cheap ballast it does not have any documentation and schema.

Have fun &  Good luck!


Changing Plans ....

From now on all my SAP related topics will be posted also in my SAP SCN Blog here:
It can be viewed without registration.


Easier way to extract .SAR and .CAR files with SAPCAR under Windows

We all know that there is no GUI for SAPCAR so far.
It would be a lot easier if there was a DLL library or so, to write a program GUI.


I found out some people made this thing working with manipulating the registry.
Well it is OK, but I found a easy & better solution for me:

1. Get SAPCAR.EXE and put it in c:\windows\system32 (or any other folder that persists in the default windows paths)

2. In the same folder make a file SAPCAR_e.BAT with the following contents:
SAPCAR.EXE -xvf %~sf1

3. You are ready, all you have to do is make CAR and SAR files open by SAPCAR_e.BAT.
Right click on such a file and set that in the Properties window.

Result: Now when you double click a SAR/CAR file it will extract in the same folder

Advantage: If you want to upgrade SAPCAR all you have to do is replace the SAPCAR.EXE in c:\windows\system32

More: In SAPCAR_e.BAT you can put:
SAPCAR.EXE -xvf %1,
This (,) tells SAPCAR that there are possible whitespaces in the filename/filepath

In the other case
SAPCAR.EXE -xvf %~sf1
It asures that the given filepath to SAPCAR is 8.3 compatible

Even more: Check out this program:


How to rename tablespaces in IBM DB2 with SAP

Recently I had many problems with renaming tablespaces. So I decided to share my experience!

Pre: materialize all virtual tables!

You can use the db2 command:

and execute it for every tablespace. It is better to make a script!

After that you have to alter tables:
with the new tablespace names.

I used the DB2 client for that because I couldn't make it through SAP.

That should do it! (mine was IBM DB2 v9.1 FP5)

The Problems!

1. If you have virtual tables when renaming, you will realize that they can't materialize after you renamed all the tablespaces.
To solve that follow note 1227165, which is: execute in command prompt:
db6util -rtvt {old tbs} {new tbs}
for every tablespace.

2. If you have run SPAM or SAINT before altering the three tables (TADB6, TSDB6 and IADB6), you will see that it will halt at phase IMPORT_PROPER, and will give you an error, because it is trying to connect to the old tablespaces.

To solve that, you have to alter the three tables of course, but is is not enough. Because SPAM/SAINT already created commands using the data from the three tables.
You have to alter table:
and replace all old names with the new ones.

Many thanks to these people here: